Trip to Antiparos
20 Jan 2017

Just 10 minutes away from Punda, Paros by ferry, one can disembark into a heaven
on earth, hidden in the heart of the Cyclades.
It does not have to do with cosmopolitan Paros, but with her alternative,
“anti-star” ‘sister’ which has nothing to be jealous of the tourist attendance,
the throng, or the fine lifestyle of the former. In contrast, Antiparos
magnetizes the senses and offers an unforgettable travel experience to those who
are looking for a “familial”, “cozy” and friendly element, into a dreamy
landscape which composes of picturesque streets, golden sands, blue-green waters
and magical emerald beaches.

The blue-white aura of the sea and the sky are reflected on the window shutters
and the outdoor design of every lodge of the island, while the stroll around
the picturesque venetian Castle of the city of 1.440 A.D. enraptures the
traveler into a journey back in time, when the Castle was built to protect the
island’s citizens from the frequent invasions and sackings of the pirates. Awe
and admiration are also provoked by the visitor’s cinematographic
transportation into the shooting of the award-winning film “Mandalena”, which
was filmed in the prestigious area of the Castle.
The island’s sightseeing is completed by the Folklore Museum, the Stalactite
Cave, the country church of Faneromeni, of Saint-George and Prophet Elias, as
well as the island Despotiko, east of Antiparos, with the elaborate and
admirable archaeological findings from the Temple of Apollo, which transport
the traveler into the admirable era of the classical times.


The island’s aesthetic accommodation experience is enriched by the rich
traditional flavors that magnetize the most demanding palate! Apart from the
fresh fish with sea aroma and the grilled octopus, the local specialties also
include wild rabbit stew, zucchini, rustic rooster with spaghetti, oil cheese
and sour cream cheese, always accompanied by raki or souma.
The ride in the beautiful and picturesque bars that one can find scattered in
the city, with their staff ready to welcome hospitably and kindly the foreign
visitor comes to balance the relaxation experience. Alternatively, the most
active tourists can choose among different activities offered on the island,
such as: swimming, diving, snorkeling, cycling and exploring the green paths
and small chapels of the island under the blue sky.

No matter what the reason to visit Antiparos is, it is certain that the
exponential natural beauty of this place will indulge the visitor’s soul…